I'm proud of my elegant
mane. I'm a lion.  Artwork  by PABLO. Calzada de don Diego
My name's Pablo
I've got a dog.
His name is Nani

My favourite colour is  BLACK


My monster is 1 m 2 cms tall. His big eye is green and his little eyes are red and brown.

His hair is blue. His two wings are brown.

It has got three noses and three mouths.

My monster's name is Sheep.

Me  and my friend José Mari
I'm wearing a blue
orange trousers and 
black boots.
My friend José Mari 
is wearing a
green jumper, 
red trousers and
orange boots.

November 2001

My monster's name's Will.
It has got three eyes, two ears, 
two arms, five fingers and two tails.

It is red, blue, green, brown and white.

It likes oranges, apples and bananas.

Monkeys can climb trees but the can't fly or swim.
Bye bye