Me, Myself, and I

My name's Silvia
I love cake and chocolate,
I hate milk, tomatoes 
and beans.


My name's Cristina
I love ice-cream.
I hate vegetables.

Hippo and bear

Artwork by Lidia. 2nd grade,Calzada


  I love fruit 

hate raining

    My duck ALFRED. By José Mari

    A black cat and three blue         butterflies. By Laura

I'm proud of my elegant
mane. I'm a handsome lion  By PABLO

I'm proud of my long neck. I'm a beautiful giraffe

I'm proud of my colours 
I'm a noisy parrot

Tarzan and his friends. By Beatriz Criado

My school and my English
teacher. I like English. 
My name's Beatriz Criado. 8 years old
   I'm a girl. I'm eight years old. My name's FÁTIMA

My name's Enrique. I've got
a sister. Her name is Rosa Mª.
My mother is called Manoly.

My favourite animals are tigers
They are yellow, black and white
They eat meat
Tigers are big animals.
They can walk, run and climb trees.
fat big grey swim    run       walk 
Its nose is called trunk
Do you like milk? 
Do you like chocolate? It's made with milk!  I like to talk about myself
Do you like cheese?                                            I am a COW
Do you like butter with bread?


Three kites are flying in the sky.
Kev's kite is orange. Kate's kite is green and Bill's kite is blue. I'm Francisco
These are my toys.

I've got a red car, a brown teddy, a yellow ball, a bike and a kite

I'm Amable. 8 years old

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