Hippo and bear. Artwork by Lidia. 2nd grade,Calzada( 1998-99 )
My name's Lidia
My favourite colour is blue
It's  blue It's blue. My colour is  blue .
This is my favourite number
December  2000

Hello! I'm Lidia
This is my family

This is my English
teacher. She is called    Elena
My monster's name is Ty.

It is blue

It has got five pink eyes, eight yellow mouths, eight arms and hands and four legs.

Me and My friend
I'm wearing a yellow
jumper, blue trousers
and white shoes.

This is my friend Laura. 
She is wearing a yellow jumper, orange shoes, green trousers and a belt.

This is Ty's brother.
His name's Espiga.
It has got one eye, four noses, seven arms 
and six legs.
it is green, blue, yellow, red and orange.
It likes ice-cream, chocolate and 
Me and my friends.
It's Sunday morning.
We are having 
a picnic. 
I have got a bottle of lemonade, chocolate, cake and biscuits.

February 2002

  Bye Bye!