My duck ALFRED. By Josť Mari(1998-99)
My name's Jose Mari
I've got a sister. Her name is Cristina.
She is 14 years old.
I like ice-cream, cola, orange juice, hot dogs and chips, but I don't like beans, cauliflower or carrots.
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December  2000

My Crazy Animal

My crazy animal has an elephant's head, a tiger's body and pelican's legs

ha ha ha ha 

Tigers can jump but they can't swim or climb trees.
Tigers are balck and orange. They eat meat.
turtles and 
eat fish 
they don't eat 
grass, leaves or fruit.

                           Calzada de Don Diego, April  2001 

 I live in a big house with a balcony. There are three bedrooms in my house. The biggest room is the living room.

My bedroom is upstairs next to my mother's room and the computer room.
          I like my beautiful house.          May 2001

My favourite heroes are Stallone and Arnold Swartzeneger. They are very brave and strong.
They can fight, jump and run very fast.
They are from the U.S.A.
It looks like a camel or a bird, 
but it has got a gorilla's neck 
and elephant's legs.

April 2002

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