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Feathers protect birds by keeping their bodies warm and dry.
Ducks and other water birds have a special way to waterproof their feathers.
TRue right
or  FaLSe wrong ?
The wings of the double-crested cormoran are NOT waterproof
            ( Click   to see how a cormoran looks like )

 I'm a bird that spend most of my life in water.
 I have short feathers that gow 
close together to keep my body warm in icy water. Instead of wings, I have strong flippers. My flippers help me dive and swim fast under water. I cannot fly.  Who am I? penguin

Yesterday, Mary went to the zoo.
She saw 3 elephants and  2 lions
How many legs did she see altogether ?
20 legs
8 legs
26 legs
12 legs

The lion is said to be king of the beast, ruler of all the animals on the land. Which animal is known as the king of the birds, the proud lion of the sky The eagle


Fish are a wonderful gift of nature. Garbage into rivers, lakes and oceans can kill  fish. Many fish are important to us as food.
Can you name the fish that people buy for an aquarium? pets
Wales are the largest of all fish. They live in the ocean and eat tiny floating plants and animals.  Wales are air-breading mammals, more like humans than fish.
TRUE right
FALSE wrong
A seahorse isn't a horse. It's a fish. It swims slowly, standing up in the water.
Who carries the eggs in a pouch until they hatch?
   The male yes
   The female No
The Ostrich is the biggest bird in the world. Because their wings are  small compared to their large bodies, ostriches can't fly. But they can run as fast as a galloping horse.
Can you name the smallest of all birds? hummingbird
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