Three kites are flying in the sky.

Kev's kite is orange. Kate's kite is green and Bill's kite is blue.

               I'm Francisco

I'm eight years old 


Hi, Kev!

   Hi, Bill!           Hello, Kate!

Hello, Francisco!

M y  favourites

My favourite fruit is grapes
My favourite drink is cola
I likeice-cream, hamburgers and chips
I don't like cauliflower, cabbage and beans   Yuuuuuuk!

My crazy animal has a tiger's body,
a seal's tail and camel's legs
My house is big. There are three bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen in my house.
My bedroom is next to my mother's room and the bathroom.
My house has got a balcony.

                Calzada de Don Diego, April 2001 

Hello, friends!
I'm swimming in the swimming-pool.

Do you like swimming ?
Do you like riding your bike ?
Do you like reading books ?
                                           November 2001

Goodbye !