Tarzan and his friends. 
By Beatriz Criado   (1998-99)


My school and my English teacher. 
I like English.   My name's Beatriz
December 1998

Ha ha ha, do you like this monster?
My monster has two 
very very long arms.

I like chips and cola.
My monster likes snakes bats, worms and  scorpions.
I don't like fish or cauliflower.
My monster doesn't like bananas or chocolate. 
                                         January 2001

My Beautiful Monster
It's got no head and a little, green body.
It's got two big eyes, two legs and two long arms.    July 1999
My mum is called Rosa María.

Her shoes are blue,
her socks are red,
her trousers  and jacket are blue.
She is wearing a red T-shirt.

Cows can't swim or fly
Cows are black and white
Cows eat grass

            February 2001

My crazy animal has a crocodile's head, a butterfly's body and  giraffe's legs
I live in a house. My house is big and beautiful. It has got 7 windows and a balcony. there are 6 rooms in my house. The biggest room is the living room.
The bathroom is between my sister's room and the kitchen.
The kitchen is big.      April 2001

Si te gustan mis trabajos y mis ideas escríbeme        Googbye to you !