These are my toys.

I've got a red car, a brown teddy, a yellow ball, a bike and a kite

I'm Amable
 ( 1998-99 )

My  Pic nic
I´m having a picnic.
I´ve got a bottle of cola, an apple, a burger and chocolate.

                          November  2000

Ilike . . .
Ice-cream, grapes, bananas, chips and chicken.
I don't like . . .
carrots, beans, tomatoes, onions or cauliflower.
strawberry ice-cream ¡  delicious !
                                    December 2000
Crocodiles are green. They have long bodies and short legs. They eat meat and can swim very well but they can't fly or climb trees.
Crocodiles are very dangerous.They aren't pets.
This is my beautiful house.
My house is big with a balcony and a garden.
My bedroom is big and the living room is big too.
The bathroom is small.
The kitchen is between my bedroom and the living room.

I live in my house with my mother and my father. I haven't got sisters or brothers.

       Calzada de Don Diego, April 2001 

My hero is Antonio Banderas.
He is strong and very brave.
He lives in America but he is Spanish.

November 2001