My name´s Alejandro

I´m 8 years old

My favourite colour is blue

My favourite number is eight

Favourite animal: horse or dog

Me and My Family

My father is called José
My mother is called Puri
My sister is called Marta and my brother 
José Ramón

Do you like my photograph ?

My monster's name is Totodile.
It is 9 metres and 99 centimetres tall. It has got four  heads.
It has got six arms and twenty-three fingers.
My monster has got two tails, two legs and fourteen fingers.

My monster Totodile is a monster !!!

Chicorita is a small orange monster. Her eyes are green. She has got three hands but only two arms. She has got three long legs and three feet. Her hair is orange.

                June 2001

Bye bye!